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Little Miss Strange.
I love so many things, that I had to become an artist to admire them. This love makes life worth living! ^^

I draw to praise the characters, not me! I'm just telling their stories :)

"Rise of a princess", first MLP comic is complete!

check out the final page and please comment on the comic and the following Pony stories (links below)

Hello everyone who is reading this Journal :) I'm writing it to celebrate the miraculous continuity of life of my comic series... I never expected them to survive longer than 2 pages! Thanks to you reading and commenting them I enjoy making more.

All my comic pages are currently in English. Please let me know if you are interested in other languages :)

:star:Here's the list of current stories and their most recent pages: :star:

:star::star::star:Pokemon - "Who rules Twinleaf?":star::star::star:

Champion Cynthia and battle tower tycoon Palmer are not only the top pokemon trainer of the Sinnoh region, but also the weirdest of couples...! Cynthia challenged Palmer to a female-to-male pokemon battle to find out who really rules. Their duel is watched by their son, Barry, and Platina, the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum protagonist.
Is it possible that their degree of rivalry does not lead to a disaster? :)

Last pages: 10, 11, 12
Who rules Twinleaf? - Page 10 by WielkiDuchII Who rules Twinleaf? - Page 11 by WielkiDuchII Who rules Twinleaf? - Page 12 by WielkiDuchII
First page:…

:star::star::star:My Little Pony - "Rise of a princess":star::star::star:

Princess Niezapominajka tells the story of how she met the stallion, who has helped her to raise from a small town girl to royalty. It all started from Nieza and her 5 friends secret mission to secretly watch the Queen's son, Prince Książę, who visits their neighbourhood.
The story is set in the universe of brought-to-life real toys, mostly G2 ponies.

First page: Comic - Rise of a Princes - page 1/12 by WielkiDuchII  Last pages: Comic - Rise of a Princes - page 12/12 by WielkiDuchII
COMIC COMPLETE. That's not the end of ponies by me... stay tuned ;)

Check out individual (…) and all-ponies-on-one character ref pages:
The main ponies - character reference (complete) by WielkiDuchII
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Who needs a face anyway? by WielkiDuchII
Who needs a face anyway?
A drawing for my friend who introduced me to Dota 2 ^^ they are his favorite characters, as far as I know.

I think Faceless Void is the hottest stuff there is in the game (with all respect to his Cthulu-like desing in Dota 1, but you know :D)! Being such, he can afford not trying too hard to get attention, while Mirana... a spoilt bitch (I mean, princess!) she is, deserves to be making some effort once in her life. So, there they are! :D
Wielki Duch - Deviant ID by WielkiDuchII
Wielki Duch - Deviant ID
The way I'm seen most of time. I never part with my Senheiser headphones, I don't wear make up, I wear a black gothic coat and keep my hands in the pockets to control sound level and tracks all the time. I don't do smiling either :> Ok, I do, but usually not inpublic. I'm a grumpy cat, because almost everyone annoys me in some way.
Thank you... peasant. by WielkiDuchII
Thank you... peasant.
Starring: Wraith King and Crystal Maiden from Dota 2. That's what happens when you waste... I mean, use your Salve on him. :D
In general - supports are SO under-apreciated! No wonder so few people want to play them. CM is an iconic support: only boots and wards for all the game...
Bristle and Crystal by WielkiDuchII
Bristle and Crystal
Not 'Mature Content.'.. yet :D He's saying "No, you can't, she is mine".
I did not render to much because my boyfriend said this pic is "disgusting" anyway. I don't agree with it, which is why I publish ^^
Drawn in pencil, colored in PS. Incontrast to all-digital: Dota 2 - Bristleback Crystal Maiden
Dota 2 - Bristleback Crystal Maiden by WielkiDuchII
Dota 2 - Bristleback Crystal Maiden
Bristleback is my favourite character from Dota 2, and my 3rd best played (after Sven and Viper). He's a cute little cuddly hedgehog... ok, he's a short tough guy dragging a boulder, with an eye cut out... funny personality - relaxed and not pretentious. Well, until there's some huge action and he gets mad and taunts enemies ;P
Why the hell the pairing? It just came to me today, I thought it fits. And I made it happen :D
The citation is from "Let it go", Disney's Frozen, but it applies to Crystal being icy and Bristle having a permanent cold Meow :3 

I don't get it why all Dota players TOTALLY give no shit as to who they play with, as it were just Tool 1 or Tool 2, not nice characters. No character-related jokes ever work when I play... I think it's just men's way of playing, caring about STATS and nothing else. It was the same with pokemon. But me, I like the Dota characters and funny relations between them ^^

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Korin2b Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the Watch !!!
WielkiDuchII Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
You're very welcome! Clap  I knew you before and went back on the ocasion of STS parody and watched all your gallery. I wandered for a few days whether to write in french or english and in the end, I didn't comment at all... I'm polish and I guess your Goldies have many polish fans, because there were nice translations ^^

I really like your Goldies series (I mean it! :D), people say I have no sense of humour because I think of most jokes are stupid, while here I laughed hard all the time :D I think most inportant is that we share the liking for gold saints, me and my sister used to create similar stories (them being friends, their training past, developing their personalities), of course our versions vary in point of view, but the feel of the characters and the anime reality is common for us :) I don't quite enjoy DM paired with Aphro (although I like both!), but I see it fits your version. I love the representation of Marin as "faceless", even without her mask, it matches her so well :D

I enjoyed watching your doodles and sketches, especially the interiors and faces practice (I liked the room design plan, where everyone's bed is etc.). When did you learn that? And the costumes as well, on the character ref sheet for "Mariposa dorada". When do you look for reference for costumes from other ages? Is there a nice book I could get? I'm quite hopeless with that at the moment ^^
Too bad your OC comics are much fewer than the Goldies. No motivation? :) I'd love to see sth about the Mariposa story, but I cant find anything but the ref sheet. In the description you wrote it's "redone", so maybe you had some material before? I dare to note that, somehow, the script for the Goldies comic, the Christmas one for example, is better than the angel story, which I did not like, I admit. Is your attitude different to OCs?
Korin2b Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Waaah thank you for all the compliments and questions! First of all I beg you in advance to forgive me because I'm not very good in English, but I'll do my best to answer!
You can write to me in the language you want, then I'll use a translator on the internet and I will try my best to understand. I know this is not the best solution and it gives a lot of mistakes, but I am very attached that people feel comfortable talking ^^  but you can write in English, this poses no problems.

Thank you for the compliments! When I write a funny story I try above all to make me laugh myself. I like entertaining and tender moments. If it makes you laugh too, I'm very happy. ^^

Yes I do think that there is often ideas about the characters that join among the fans. And there is no worry that you also have different tastes from mine. I respect people's tastes and I do not try to impose. My stories are not canonical, I just drew ideas that went through my head and I can totally understand that people have tastes opposed to mine. Fortunately, we are all different and this variety is interresting, which opens new perspectives ^^

It's great that you write your own stories with your sister, it's a real pleasure to have some fun universe!

Drawing, I am self-taught, I work alone, and I did not do school, the last books I bought are those of Burne Hogarth who made me make progress in anatomy.
Practice is very important, I draw every dayno matter what happens (almost) I think that you really learn to draw ... by drawing, deceiving, starting over.

Thank you for my OC comics! ^^ Actually since I'm on deviantart, I made others, but I removed because I thought they were bad. I think I'm still immature at this level. I think remake the designs and some comics again, because they do not suit me. Explore OC and inedites stories is much more difficult for me to work on a canvas already established as the goldies. As and as I learn and I read, it made me think and evolve and I understand better some things, I see the best mistakes I made in the character building and I want to change them.
Mariposa Dorada existed in comic book form in a collective fanzine, there a few years. When I reread it, I find a lot of defects and clichés. loool
I am not yet mature to take my own arms length story and I think I'm a little scared too ... But I'm working to improve and exceed all me! I want to make stories not too long, but with interressants characters, and I have a hard time giving them the substance on a short I have to work again and again. You know I do not give up! XD
Goldies do is good training, it also requires perseverance and a lot of investment to complete a comic book. It is also important that life ahead and have less time for some projects, even if I do not want to give up: /
But I am a patient, I'm ready to start ten times and take years to make my projects!
Leuname-X31 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
:pc: Thank you 4 faving :D
Quwiku Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
cześć, zapraszam cię na mojego bloga
lillyflover Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
Hej! Widzę, że jesteś Polką lubiącą stare generacje My Little Pony :)
Też bardzo lubię te wersje. Masz świetne komiksy! :love:
WielkiDuchII Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Dzięki! Chyba w Polsce G2 jest wyjątkowo popularna :)
Musimy się trzymać razem! ^^
lillyflover Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Nie przepadam za G2, ale Twój sposób rysowania tej wersji i pomysłów na Twoje niesamowite komixy przekonują mnie do tej generacji :)
Masz rację! W końcu ludzie lubiący starą wersję kuców są jak bracia! :D
CigarsCigarettes Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
O Yeezus! Polka, lubi G2 i jeszcze współtwórczyni grupy do której właśnie próbuję się dostać :la: tyle szczęścia naraz, chyba nie wytrzymam!
Co prawda dopiero otworzyłam commishe ale chciałabym się zgłosić na 'Prize Donor'a' (konkurs w Friendship-Gardens) jeśli mój styl nadaje się na nagrody ^^
WielkiDuchII Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Widzę, że zostałaś przyjęta, zanim zdążyłam wysłać ci zaproszenie :) Bardzo się cieszę, że jestem przyczyną szczęścia ^^
Myślę, że lepiej zmienić tamten konkurs na nowy, stoi już wieki i nikt nie zgłosił się do uczestnictwa :) spróbuję ruszyc coś bardziej aktualnego (zimowego/świątecznego?)
Pewnie, że się nadaje, ten ostatni obrazek jest ekstra! ^^
ARVEN92 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch :)
Thagirion Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
And I just saw you joined my group :iconmonstrousdesign: Thank you. :aww: I look forward to your art.
WielkiDuchII Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
I'll try to dare and submit something... :D
Thagirion Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch. :iconwristwatchplz: I look forward to nice conversations with you.
WielkiDuchII Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
You're welcome ^^ I admire that you persist in drawing your original characters and put background and colours in all the pictures. I do just fanart for the DA, I'm afraid to publish "my babies' :D
The only one I published is the torture monster, for a contest :)
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